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June 2016

Despite on-going economic and political uncertainty surrounding Britain’s membership of the European Union, this month’s Greene King Leisure Tracker indicates that British households are optimistic about their holiday plans for the rest of the year, with 71% of adults expecting to take at least one holiday between now and the end of 2016.

71% of adults expecting to take at least one holiday between now and the end of 2016
The average British household spent 3% less on out of home leisure year-on-year
The impact of the Easter holidays in April saw households with kids month-on-month spending reduce by 12%
The next Greene King Leisure Spend Tracker report will be available on Wednesday 20th July 2016


The Greene King Leisure Spend Tracker is part of an omnibus questionnaire run on behalf of Greene King by research partner YouGov and analysed in conjunction with Trajectory Partnership. Respondents report on their household’s leisure behaviour over the previous week (e.g. spend, visit frequency etc.), with respect to the leisure activities set out below.

  • The Leisure Spend Tracker is run twice in each calendar month with each wave separated by a two week period.
  • The Leisure Spend Tracker is run four times in each calendar month, always going into field on a Monday. This data is then used to generate a picture of household leisure activity in Great Britain over a 28 day period in each calendar month.
  • Each month’s report is based on an online, nationally representative sample of c. 4,000 individuals (GB, 18+), reflecting the leisure behaviour of c. 4,000 households. Data has been collected every month since August 2013.
  • A wealth of demographic data is held against each respondent, which allows for more fine-grained analysis of households with particular characteristics.

The following leisure activities are analysed in the report.

  • Drinking out
  • Tickets to see live sports events
  • Betting, gambling at a casino and other gaming for money
  • Eating out
  • Tickets to see other live events
  • Bowling
  • Cinema/Theatre
  • Admission to museums, art galleries and other attractions
  • Gym membership

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